Digital Marketing

Leverage the power and affordability of the web to reach potential clients fast, affordably, and consistently with a comprehensive digital strategy.

Website Design

Get a stunning, feature packed website designed around your businesses’ functions and needs. Professional web design in simplified packages that will surpass expectations.


Event, product, portrait, corporate or commercial photography helps enforce your aesthetic values. Get a professional photographer to re-frame your offering.

Video Production

Whether you need an event filmed, need to create social media videos and content, or want to create general communication or corporate videos, we have the tools.

Social Media Marketing done right!

Build your community with PPC Adverts – Brand Awareness

Screen Shot: Over 300% growth in around 9 months for a previous client. By combining content marketing and video production with a diligent PPC Advertising Campaign, we grew the Facebook page from sub 2K likes to over 6K likes and more than 200k video views. Build your social media communities and enjoy engaged and continuous interaction with your target audience.

PPC Advertising

Numbers don’t lie! There is no doubt the internet is surpassing every other communication medium. While disrupting TV and radio, it has also upset the marketing industry. Pay-per-click advertising lets every single business afford social media marketing. You can reach thousands of potential customers and only pay for the ones who click on your ads. We use expert targeting and professional ad creation to achieve maximum impact for your social media marketing efforts.

SEO & Content Marketing

While lead generation and social media marketing is perfect for instant results, it costs money to constantly run campaigns. Investing in SEO (Search engine optimization) means creating useful content that you can provide to your audience consistently. Over time your site begins to generate “free” organic traffic. This can be likened to aging wine, as with time it becomes more valuable. Creating the right keyword rich SEO content is our field of specialty, developing audiences, and embedding your brand in the traffic that is your niche.

Google Adwords

Google AdWords is the perfect solution to get direct clicks to your website. Connect with consumers searching specifically for the products and services you offer. AdWords allows for tailored targeting that suits your business. AdWords allows you to target customers in specific areas so that your ads are only shown to customers that have the potential to convert. With flexibility when it comes to your Ad spend and precise targeting, what more do you want out of an ad?

Pricing Table


Weekly Report

Monthly Report

Keyword/Audience Research

Campaign Tweaks

Support and Presentation

Advert Copy

Single Campaign/Report

R 499 once off.

Single platform campaign with up to 2 adsets and 10 keywords/ 2 audiences.


R 4999 monthly

Multiplatform Campaigns. Up to 10 campaigns per month. 20 Audiences, 100 Keywords


R 14 999 monthly

Dedicated Account hours (4 per month ). Unlimited Campaigns, audiences

Intelligent Web Design

There are many reasons why you might want a website, and there are many things your website can do for you if you have the right professional web designer. We design all of our sites around your business needs and challenges, ensuring your website becomes an invaluable asset to your business.

Responsive Design

Our professional website design approach consists of a mobile first approach, ensuring your website displays beautifully on mobile devices and large screens alike.

Search Optimized

Search Engine Optimization brings Organic traffic, which is visitors to your site who find it while search for your products or services on google, is an important contributor to business success. We do extensive keyword research and apply targeted keywords to your content.

Quick Turn Around

A good web developer is one who can provide quality results in a short amount of time. When you need to get your business online quickly and effectively, or need to have changes done urgently, we are always on standby ready to assist and deliver.

Robust Features

We specialize in delivering digital solutions and professional web designs for different businesses, and understand what every website needs to have. All our website designs come standard with mailing list integration, contact and sign up forms, user registration, analytics, and more.

Key Website Features

Responsive Web Design services

About just over 70% of the world internet users access websites on mobile devices. This means when providing you with professional web design services, we know your website needs to cater for a variety of screen sizes and orientations. All of our websites are designed and built using responsive frameworks, templates, and design principles, allowing them to scale and adapt to match every screen size, ratio, and orientation.

Search Engine Optimization

When designing your website, as professional web designers we take notice of important keywords for your industry, and we take care to build these keywords into the structure of your website, from titles, headings and links, to web copy and image titles. This makes your website keyword rich and relevant to search engines and the traffic they bring.

Custom Contact and Application Forms

One of the most useful functions of a website is simplifying communication and contact between you and your clients. Our websites have fully customized and functional contact forms, custom application forms, sign up forms for e-mail newsletters, etc. All of our websites come standard with a mailing list manager integration. All e-mail addresses and phone numbers are clickable on our sites.

Recent Web Design Projects


Gallery Showcase

Video Production and Video Production Support Services

Event Coverage

Event Coverage Videography is an important tool for brands and companies that host festivals, socials, gala dinners and corporate events. From just R 3 499.

Corporate and Communication Video

For communicating your business offering to the public, internal communication, and advertising, this package is best suited starting at R 4 499

Music Videos

For those in the entertainment space, we produce music videos, behind the scenes videos, mini-documentaries and live performance video production, starting at just R 14 999

News, ENG, and Press Video Production

With extensive experience in filming news, TV, and broadcast content as well as live streaming, rest assured we can deliver HD professional video in any required format. From just R 4 999

Video Editing and Post-Production

Do you have footage you need packaged into an impressive final product? If a video editor is what you need, then a video editor is exactly what will you give you. Professional editing according to your own brief and timeline.

From just R 1 999

Web, Social Media, and Promo videos

For short format, quick productions this package offers you more bang for your buck. From just R 1 999


Gallery Showcase

Music Video – Bad Fellaz [TRAPPED IN SOWETO]

Event Coverage – High Key Presents [Sunday School Poolside]

Promotional Video – [Men in Suites]

Event Coverage – Kospotong Braam presents[Zuko Collective]

Music Video – Rashid featuring Zakwe , Earl W Green [Jaiva]

Event Photography

When you need to capture the incredible moments at your private events, galas, dinners and parties, you can trust us to deliver professional photography at affordable rates.

Behind The Scenes -Photography

If you’re planning to carry out a project, be it a filming project or construction project. you want to be able to capture the entire process unfolding with a discrete event photographer that won’t get in the way. Try us.

Festival/ Concert Photography

For large social events where you need to capture many moments at the same time, we can deploy a multi-camera team to ensure no moment gets missed.

Photo Gallery

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