As a business owner, your key competency is more than likely your product or service knowledge. With an ever changing media ecosystem, and a fast growing online market, you can easily find your skills being stretched to even include sales, marketing, and social media management. Not only is there a steep learning curve to online, but the chances of misdirecting resources and making mistakes are high.  At the same time, online presents the opportunity to engage with your audience directly, minimizing mass marketing costs and improving sales.

While you can always hire a social media manager to permanently take care of your digital marketing needs, you will often find that most social media managers are young people who often times do not have actual online marketing experience, and even when they do, cannot evolve their skill-set inline with the constant changes. By outsourcing your needs to a competent lead generation agency, not only do you get to reduce costs, but also improve sales through the acquisition of useful leads. You also have the added benefit of acquiring the expertise of professionals who are compelled to constantly research new and innovative ways to improve your return on investment, and with a time limited service agreement you can constantly reassess the value of your social media strategy.

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